Meet me in Dallas and I’ll share all my abundance secrets with you!

Dear Treasured FHTJ Community Member,

If you’d like to know exactly how to to make more money, a bigger impact and live on purpose in 2019 ....

WITHOUT spending a fortune ….

Then the Abundance and Wealth Retreat will be the most important event of your 2019.

But before we dive into that,

Did you know…

That women are 80% more likely to be impoverished at retirement than men?

Not even enough to pay a few bills....

Sure making a few hundred extra $$ a month is fine.

But what about those unexpected expenses that come along?

Here’s the thing …

Right now I am frustrated for 2 main reasons…

  • 1

    I am SICK of seeing women struggle with abundance


  • 2

    I am sooooo tired of so called gurus

    that are out there teaching abundance but know NOTHING about manifestation and abundance!

I am tired of all the fluff that’s out there teaching you how to become more abundant and live on purpose, taking your cash …

While you walk away with a head full of ideas, information and nothing to show for it...

When all you really need is a partner to help you get started ...

And actually get the IMPORTANT stuff done

If you have been following me for a while, you already know that I manifested my dream life.

However, at one point life seemed like a brutal, never ending cycle of hardships and challenges and after my second divorce, (being a Pakistani woman, this was a really BIG deal in my culture) I decided to find a way to live life on MY OWN terms and accept nothing less as an answer.

And here is what happened ...

I discovered the method that has been used by many over the centuries to create what they desire, and I successfully implemented it to achieve my desired life.

And here is the cool thing: I didn’t do all this because of a fluke or luck.I did this using PROVEN strategies that are unfortunately not known to many.

It’s like a formula that works like a charm EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

I am not talking about fluff ...

No HYPE...

It is time to Stop Dreaming (and Planning and Talking and Brainstorming...)

And Start DOING

So, here’s how it works ...

I am hosting a LIVE one day retreat ...

Exclusively for women who want to focus on TRUE TRANSFORMATION rather than “fluffy content”.

I’ve seen time and time again how much women, especially in our spirituality community, who LOVE to consume “fluffy content” … it’s like comfort food for your soul.

We get all inspired, excited and committed to change ...

And then get back to our lives and get stuck in the daily grind

Not ACTUALLY implementing anything that will create the TRUE TRANSFORMATION we dream of.

And Deserve!

So, let me ask you a question?

Would you like to learn from me, my EXACT secrets and the steps I took to not only create mind boggling transformation but have MAINTAINED it since 2012???


Then come join me, our FHTJ healers and a room full of FHTJ community members for a One Day Abundance and Wealth Retreat?

I guarantee that you will walk out of this retreat with actual steps and solutions that you can begin IMMEDIATELY.

Live in Dallas, February 22nd, 2019

Time: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time

Accommodation & Airfare Not Included

Can't make it to the Live Event? Then Meet us Virtually!

Here’s what will happen during this TRANSFORMATIONAL event …

  • 1

    Step by Step Formula to Creating Abundance Workshop:

    I will teach you EXACTLY how I manifested my dream life.

It can truly be said that I live an enchanted life today - and I am so extremely grateful. I don't tell you this to brag. In fact, as I constantly tell anyone who listens, ANYONE can achieve this. Even YOU!

Because what I achieved is not through luck, or coincidence, it's a science! And just like anything in science, it can be broken down and learnt as a step by step formula.

  • 2

    Create Your Successful Heart Centered Business Workshop:

    I will teach conscious business owners the ins and outs of what it takes to grow a successful online business. This will be for current business owners and also anyone thinking of starting a business.

You will leave this workshop with a plan in place that you can begin implementing the moment you get home.

  • 3

    Energy IMMERSION Sessions:

    These are one of a kind, get out of your own way workshops, that will be taught by 3-4 of our most popular healers in the FHTJ community. You will hear their stories on how they started their work and where they are now.

You will also experience POWERFUL healings during these sessions that include things like clearing blocks to abundance, clearing ancestral and karmic contracts, clearing blocks on confidence and self worth ….

Dissolving vows and contracts, RAISING your frequency to that of millionaires so that YOU become a magnet to attract a Million Dollars! As you know, in order to receive something, you must be a vibrational match.

  • 4

    Opportunity to connect with your most loved FHTJ healers and community members in person:

    There will be plenty of time throughout the day to connect with attendees. We are even building in time for you to request on the spot healing sessions with your favorite healer!

  • 5

    Technology to Raise and MAINTAIN Your Vibration

    We will GIFT you the technology that we have been working on to raise and MAINTAIN your vibration at the level of millionaires. Wow! Imagine what that is going to mean for you!!! Basically, paving the road in a powerful way to your success in 2019!

EMBRACE your ABUNDANCE and let’s take the first step together!

A Few Keynote Speakers & Healers You'll Meet and Interact In Person!

Christel Hughes

Rann Goldrich

Dawn Crystal

Virgina Griffiths

Susan Elizabeth

And me of course 🙂

Here are some of what you are going to learn
from these manifestation masters:

2 Training Sessions with Eram to Learn Her Abundance Secrets

What You’ll Learn:

• Find your purpose in 45 minutes: Discover and become crystal clear about your purpose in 45 minutes!

  • The secret you must know for effortless abundance
  • How to monetize your passion and purpose to make your impact
  • The exact steps steps Eram has taught to help 85 spiritual business owners grow a successful business (many of them have had 6 figure businesses for years)

Formula for Enlightened Millionaire Lifestyle: Creating Joy & Abundance While Maximizing Your Impact on the World

What You’ll Learn:

• ACTIVATE your ability to actualize what you are asking for

• RAISE your energetic vibration to be an EXACT match to Fun, Passion & Money!

• IMPROVE your health so you can live life to the fullest

• ENERGIZE Money and Passions are meaningless without energy! You will reverse your age by at least 20 years with this tool….


The 3 Incredibly Powerful Steps to Supercharge YOUR Abundance in 2019!!!

What You’ll Learn: The Universal energies have already delivered your Abundance for 2019! Yup! It’s already done….BUT you will NOT be able to access it unless you use these THREE steps to Activate the abundance already delivered to your doorstep.

Watch as you implement these 3 steps and witness how powerfully YOUR abundance begins to flow in!!!

We are CLAIMING this year as the DEFINING time to access the energies of a future life of infinite possibilities…..are you with me or will you be left out?


Various Manifestations of Abundance Via Natural Attraction

What You’ll Learn:

• Various Manifestations of Abundance Via Natural Attraction

• Recognizing ways abundance reveals itself in your reality

• Ways to change the abundance you are experiencing

• Ways to keep the abundance you are experiencing


The High Priestess Prosperity Path ~ Activating your Inner Wealth

Discover how to embody The High Priestess Prosperity Path to:

• Awaken your Cosmic capacity to access the Divine directly

• Access a deeper level of personal power to express your Illuminated Self

• Anchor your insights into the Spiritual World and Infuse Spirit into matter to create Abundance.

• Create an Inner Wealth that will enhance your deep knowing and recognition of your Divinity

• Discover how to call forth the elemental forces of nature to super-charge your creation power through the archetype of the Priestess within

• Consciously align spirit and matter in order to ensure financial flow


Plus this Limited Time Bonus - Only if you Enroll in the Next

2 hour Mini Retreat With Dawn:

Do you have chronic health challenges? Removing these challenges is a MUST if you want to experience radical health in 2019.

Dawn is taking her VIP package, normally priced at $25,000 to offer this condensed SUPER POWER energy in 2.5 hours for FREE!

And you know me, I don’t like putting your money at risk

I’m giving a 200% ROI Abundance Creation Guarantee.

So this is NO RISK TO YOU!

You attend the event and if by noon you don’t feel in your heart and soul that you are going to be able to create a 200% ROI in your Abundance, I’ll give you a credit and refund your full tuition.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

How does that sound?


Kind of like going to a restaurant and only having to pay if you LOVE the food..

And if you hate it

Then you pay NOTHING.

That way there is no FLUFF and no HYPE or BS (Can you tell I’m SICK of abundance gurus selling fluff?)

Just TRANSFORMATION (with lots of energy work and healing of course!)

So click the button to secure your seat.

Ready to Stop DREAMING about abundance and Start LIVING in ABUNDANCE?

Fabulous! Then let’s lock in your seat by clicking on the button below.

Accommodation & Airfare Not Included

Can't make it to the Live Event? Then Meet us Virtually!

Read Some of the Profound Transformations & Real-Life Results:

"Thank you so much Eram! I purchased your 10 Days Abundance Activations Package and I got a job 🙂Here is what happened...

Day 5: I was searching a job on the internet and found the job I like, so I applied to a position.

Day 6: I received an email for an interview.

Day 8: I went to the interview and met some nice people. After the interview, a manager told me that they are hiring me and he gave me a quick tour of their workplace. He said he will let me know the details of the job contract later.

Day 14; I received an official offer for the job.I was little worried after Day 11ish because the process went so fast in the beginning but the flow suddenly stopped after the interview, at least I felt so. Your Sufi meditation practice was helpful during that time.

So thank you again. Love & Light," ~ Yoko

"I Think That My Biggest Revelations Over This Past Year Were About my abundance blocks and my IEV which was very damaged. In just a couple weeks I am already seeing amazing results. It’s truly like a block was removed and abundance is flowing in ……...Thank you! I wish I’d found you sooner." ~ Susan R.

"You And Your Series Has Truly Touched My Heart...I Know Exactly What You Mean About How Listening To Them Raised Your Vibration.

I Feel Like You And All The Other Hosts And Speakers Are All Here With Me On This Incredible Journey.

I Think That My Biggest Revelations Over This Past Year Were About Self-love And Boundaries - Concepts I Had Barely Heard Of Before." ~ Lee Anne

"Hi Eram, I Went From Heartache To Joy In One Phone Call Today. I Cannot Express Enough
Gratitude To You And The Speaker... I Wanted To Listen To It As I Cannot Even Explain
What Happened To Me ...Crazy, Wow Inexplicable. I Tune In Faithfully And Rely On The Work
That You Do By Providing This Summit (Without Which) My Life Is In Shambles." ~ Darria

"Learning how to raise my Energy Vibration was the key to changing my life! No one can expect their life to remain the same after they shift their vibration in such a dramatic way. I’m eternally grateful I found you." ~ Mark H.

"I have been introduced to so many positive healers, lightworkers, life coaches on your show. I have purchased many packages that resonated with me and feel that they have gotten me on a path to understanding how to raise my light. It is always a joy to hear Eram's voice. I believe her interview style and intuition and moreover blessed dedication is part of what brings me back, the line up of healers is always amazing to me."~ Jeanne

"This is the most wonderful, practical and worthwhile summit that I know of. You always have the best of the best on your show, and I am So Grateful that I found you a couple of years ago. Being an upcoming speaker, myself, I must say that your team is incredible and so willing to assist - Such a Gift to us all." ~ Maureen D

"From Heartache to Joy is the telesummit I listen to the most (for years now) and the one I bought many packages from. Thank you for what you do Eram and for the amazing Healers you bring forward!" ~ Alexandra L

"I love the variety of speakers you have had. Eram, you give a lot of people a chance to show the world what they have to offer and that is a wonderful gift to those that follow are getting a chance to find alternative styles they may have overlooked otherwise along with the speakers finally getting the notice they deserve." ~ Heather N

"I listen to your summit just about every night when I return home from work. A very healing and nurturing place for me. Truly nourishing for me to have this feeling of connection with so many similarly minded souls both speakers and listeners who call and speak from my own heart…always perfect and just what I needed to hear at that time. You do have the best and most amazing guests and I so resonate with all of it. I have enormous gratitude and respect for the beautiful soul that you are, your excellent team and the work that you are all doing to empower others, heal the unresolved pain and raise the consciousness on this planet. You are a beautiful Beacon of Light for all of us Eram!"~ Naomi K

We Look Forward to Meeting You in Dallas or Virtually!

Plus this Limited Time Bonus - Only if you Enroll in the Next

2 hour Mini Retreat With Dawn:
Do you have chronic health challenges? Removing these challenges is a MUST if you want to experience radical health in 2019.

Dawn is taking her VIP package, normally priced at $25,000 to offer this condensed SUPER POWER energy in 2.5 hours for FREE!

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